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The Fitzwilliam Malton Estate emblem of a plume of feathers


The Estate recognises that, due to its large portfolio, it is able to play an important part in supporting the livelihood of its tenants; and wholeheartedly believes in providing its customers with a service that exceeds industry standards.


We engage in a wide range of activities to promote the economy and enhance the character of Malton, recognising that the vitality of the town goes hand-in-hand with the success of our business.

We've invested in the Talbot Hotel, York House, Malton's Cookery School & Talbot Yard Food Court. As a major sponsor of Malton's Community Interest Company, Visit Malton we've also helped start events such as the popular Food Lovers Festivals, Monthly Food Markets and provided two hours free parking in town.

Over 630 jobs have been created by businesses in Estate properties and we provide homes for 300 people.

As a residential and commercial landlord, below are the ways in which we stand out from the crowd:

We're straightforward

We pride ourselves on giving you professional support whether through the Estate Office or via our maintenance team. We stand for straightforward, polite and reliable service.

We offer flexibility

We are flexible. For example, when your family or business circumstances change we can look for alternative properties to accommodate without you having to wait until the expiry of your existing lease.

We think long-term

As custodians of the Malton Estate since 1713, we want you to be reassured that we are in it for the long haul – which means that you can be too! One family has lived with us for over 80 years!

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We have great properties

We own a range of characterful properties, large and small, with breathtaking landscape and the coastline on your doorstep – the perfect place to live and work.

We believe in sustainability

We believe in high quality, sustainability and longevity. Where we refurbish, we do so to a high standard and only use building materials that are appropriate and sustainable.

We're creative

We believe in a creative approach to estate management and want Malton to thrive. That is why we invested in The Talbot Hotel, the renowned Food Festivals and continue to promote the local economy.

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