Malton Estate

Responsible Ownership

As a commercial organisation, we recognise that improving the social and economic vitality of Malton helps our business. The Estate Company’s ethos is a robust combination of commerce and conservation, preserving heritage while balancing a thriving economy and vibrant community.
We recognise that local initiatives can play an important role in improving and promoting Malton, and we are committed to being actively involved to promote their success. The Fitzwilliam Estate and the Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust have supported a wide number of business initiatives and community activities for many years. In 2011 the Malton Amenity Community Interest Company (Malton CIC) was formed by the Estate. Malton CIC raises funds from the Estate and other sources and applies them exclusively for the benefit of the local community. Using these funds, Malton CIC covers the substantial costs of Malton Food Lovers Festival provides free parking in the Market Place, organises the monthly food markets and provides assistance for a range of other events and activities.

Malton CIC’s accounts are published for all to see, making the level of the Estate’s support for the community completely transparent.
Any applications for funding for activities taking place in town are automatically passed to Malton CIC as the awarding body of charitable funding on the Estate’s behalf. Funding applications that are purely charitable and further afield are passed to the Earl Fitzwilliam Charitable Trust.

We are determined to preserve and enhance the character of Malton by maintaining our properties using traditional building materials and skilled craftsmen. By doing so, we believe both the distinctive nature of the town and its commercial viability are strengthened.

Over the years, the Estate has provided land and finances for many organisations within the town including Malton Hospital, Malton School and the Fitzwilliam Sports Association. Skateparks, music rehearsal rooms, public parks and playing fields are owned and made available by the Estate for the benefit of local organisations.

We are responding to the challenges of environmental sustainability. With many of our beautiful buildings either listed or in a Conservation Area, the challenges are not straightforward. The Estate is supported by and works closely with a number of specialist external contractors and craftsmen to identify sympathetic, sustainable building techniques which last. We are working on a series of measures to improve the energy efficiency of our residential portfolio by 2018.