Malton Estate

The Estate

The Fitzwilliam family has been investing in Malton for over 300 years. Fitzwilliam Malton Estate (FME) is the trading name of Milton (Peterborough) Estates Company, for its interests in Malton. Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland, grandson of the last Earl Fitzwilliam and his heir Tom Naylor-Leyland look after the interests of this company.

Today the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate is managed from the Estate Office and led by the Estate Manager, Roddy Bushell, BSc, MRICS.

Tom Naylor-Leyland, eldest son of Sir Philip Naylor-Leyland, and his wife Alice have a family home in the centre of Malton and work with the promotion of the town. Tom is a director of the Talbot Hotel and helps promote Malton as Yorkshire’s Food Capital. He helps organise the Food Festivals, Monthly Food Markets and the Made In Malton project.



Tom, Alice and Billy Naylor-Leyland with Edie their dog

“For over 300 years, my family has been closely linked with the fortunes of Malton. I am committed to managing our property portfolio for the continued commercial well-being of the town.” Sir Philip


Sir Philip and Lady Isabella Naylor-Leyland

Tom is a self-confessed foodie having trained at Dukes Hotel and worked for influential chef Sally Clarke. Tom and Alice have a son, Billy, who was born in June 2012 and a daughter, Nancy, born in September 2015.

The Naylor-Leyland Family oversees other property interests throughout the UK, notably in South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire. This includes a 15,000 acre land holding centred on the village of Wentworth, between Rotherham and Barnsley, famed for its extraordinary mansion – Wentworth Woodhouse.

The difference between FME and FTC?

Understandably, there is little appreciation in Malton that the Fitzwilliam Estates were divided through inheritance in the latter part of the 20th century.

As a result there are now two distinctly separate ownerships still associated with the name Fitzwilliam in and around Malton. One ownership is Fitzwilliam Malton Estate (FME) owning mainly commercial and residential property in the centre of town. The other is the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation (FTC) owning property in Old Malton and agricultural land north of the Malton bypass. The two have separate owners but similar names.